hiatus-y things, oops


this here dog loves giving me heart attacks, omfg.

saturday night she managed to mission impossible her way out of her collar so she could reach the garbage and eat up on it. ofc what she got a hold of before we caught her was probably something moldy that had micro toxins in it (if i’m quoting the vet correctly). it was so fucking scary for a while there, she couldn’t stand or walk on her own and was shaking so badly. last night was the peak of it (we hope). her bloodwork was normal and she’s a lot more steady today. it looks like she’s on the mend and NOT going to progress to seizures (phew).

problem is momma is out of work right now and i’m disabled so this is the legit worst time to be getting a $350 emergency vet bill. that’s now money we won’t have for the mortgage if i don’t figure something out. i’m probably going to end up having to sell some dolls out of my personal collection and other stuff, idk.

either way i can’t imagine i’ll have much time for simming until we’ve got that money back so i wanted to let folks know not to expect much from me for a while. not that i’m the most riveting simmer even when i am active, lol. but you know what i mean.

edit 2/2: hildy’s fine now, hasn’t shown any signs of long-term issues, thank FUCK. /breathes

thank you so much to the three people who donated toward her bill, i really appreciate it. i sent a message to the email you all used to donate, i hope you saw it!

i sold off some monster high stuff and altogether there’s still like $180 left of her bill. so still not paid off but certainly better!!

  1. secretlyawizard said: aww man that sucks a lot, I glad your dog is okay now though
  2. genericrobot said: glad your baby is alright and good luck! Happy Birthday in advance!
  3. i-like-teh-sims said: D: that sucks! hope everything goes well, and may the money gods rain frivolously on you!
  4. serabiet said: Oh poor silly baby D: Glad nothing worse happened, but extra vet trips are always horrible. Good luck with everything!
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