The ones i wanted were 4, 6, 10, 11, 14 ,15, 20, 26, 28. That's kind of a lot, I'm sorry!!

Can do!


Template Sim #4 // Template Sim #6 // Template Sim #10


Template Sim #11 // Template Sim #14 // Template Sim #15


Template Sim #20 // Template Sim #26 // Template Sim #28

Had to swap out some outfits for non-defaults. All skins are geneticized to fit my game. #26 lacks the plantsim overlay because there’s no way to package that on the sim but you can get it here. #28 uses the default version of my alien skin, I believe, but the non-default is right here. Same with the default alien eyes that I use which can be found here.

hello pooklet my old friend, i've come to your askbox again owo


hey cutie.

(12:08:57 AM) me me me me: u nerd
(12:09:18 AM) Wifelove: wat
(12:09:49 AM) Wifelove: oh that
(12:09:54 AM) me me me me: YES THAT
(12:10:00 AM) Wifelove: that was like ten minutes ago you can’t expect me to remember everything i do

Hi!! I really love your job, and I was wondering wcif the demin jacket, the top and the dress in your last photo? Lots of Love SE666

The top is here, the dress is here and the jacket is here.

9 times out of ten the clothing in my pictures comes from Azaya and can be found in her downloads tag. :)

wowww i never thought about doing it this way!! it seems like a lot of work but maaaan it’d be easier to geneticize things properly if you just laid them all out like this. :D


It’s actually not that much work! My (flawed and lazy) way of doing things is I take the face texture I exported and use the Average blur on it which gives me a solid color.

In the Color Picker for that color I write down the B% (brightness percent) number and put that number in the layer title of the skin along with creator and set name and duplicate it into my PSD (which is just a 512x512 image with all the face files pasted as individual layers over top of each other from light to dark). I use that B% number as a reference to figure out whereabouts on the scale it should be (higher numbers = lighter, lower numbers = darker) and then just eyeball it.

When I’ve figured out where the skin fits best, I geneticize it based on the skins around it. (So if I have a skin that I’ve geneticized as 0.60 and another that’s 0.65 and the one I’ve just pasted looks like it fits right in the middle of those two, I’d probably geneticize it as 0.625.)

It’s flawed because using Average to blur the image into a single color also takes the teeth and eye textures into account, so it’s not really a “true” representation of the skin but eh, works for me.

WCIF the cloud suspenders, pastel top, and orange dreads in your last legacy update? She is beautiful!


Hello anon! The hair is by me. I thought I shared it? If not, it’s because (oops no I didn’t) I need to update the colors because I didn’t do all of them. I’ll get them up really soon, scout’s honor.

The clothes are by Azaya of course! I don’t think she’s shared them yet. I know she mentioned wanting to fix some shading on the shirts, first. :)

*internet hugs* Thank Youuuuu so much for sharing all the simmies, you're pretty awesome. Oh #9 (her name is Shilo in my game) & her wife Damaris are expecting. So i'm just waiting for adorable little babies :)

Aw, thanks, anon! Glad I could help! If you have a blog anywhere I would certainly love to see pics when they’re born. :D

Jaw dropped. I’m using a total of 8 + a couple of specials.

Haha, that collage doesn’t include my alien or character skins, either. Altogether it’s closer to 110-120. I looove having variety.

dirk-dreamer replied to your post “What default skintones are you using?”

This is a rly great spectrum tbh

Thanks!! Any time I download or make a new skin I export the face file and save it in a big PSD where I arrange all my skins roughly from light to dark, so I know how to geneticize them around my defaults.

Most of the ones I’ve downloaded fall into a middle sort of range so I always have more of those than anything else lol. I need to flesh out both far ends of the spectrum a bit more, especially the very dark tones.

Hi Pooklet, Please forgive me I'm a 52yrold who when I was growing up, knew about straight gay and trans and that was it. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding which pronouns are which in yours and Azaya's story (which I'm really enjoying by the way) - is there a link you can point me to to understand which are which? (eir, hir, etc) (When I say understand I mean first person, 2nd person, 3rd, possessive, etc) Thanks for your help. :)

I can definitely help with that! This is a blog that breaks down some of the most commonly-used neutral pronouns (scroll to the bottom of the post for chart and example usage). The ones Azaya and I use pretty consistently are:

  • They/Them/Their/Theirs/Themself
  • Ey/Eir/Em/Eirs/Emself
  • Zie/Hir/Hir/Hirs/Hirself and the variation Zie/Zir/Zir/Zirs/Zirself
  • Xe/Xem/Xyr/Xyrs/Xemself

And a variation on the last that is not listed on that website:

  • Xe/Xir/Xir/Xirs/Xirself

This isn’t a set-in-stone list but it’s not super likely we’ll expand it much if at all because we’re just too forgetful to keep track of anything else.

What default skintones are you using? <3

I use my own Kids In Technicolor set, but with a different spectrum.


32 for S1, 42 for S2, 47 for S3 and 51 for S4. I recently did a major overhaul of my skins, deleting all the ones too similar in tone. I ended up with a lot less pale skins so I decided to re-geneticize everything accordingly. I just haven’t bothered sharing because I don’t know how useful they’d be to anyone else. /o\