-Where can I find a spouse for my heir?-Will you share your spare children? -If you use my babies, please tag me. :D


im dying squirtle

Can I have a realistic skin?

I’m not really sure what you’re asking, anon! Are you making a request? For which game? Unfortunately I’m too unreliable and sluggish to be taking requests in good conscience. If you have a specific idea for a skin that you want (shade, style, any specific details like freckles, tattoos, flushed cheeks, high or minimal shine, unrealistically smooth skin or visible pores and texture), I would suggest going to the TS2 or TS3 request section on GoS or a similar forum!

Otherwise, I do make skins and I have some for TS2 in the works but I’m going to have to finish them in my own, nebulous time. Deadlines stress me out and turn creating into a chore.

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a while ago i saw a skin wip for s2 that had leg scales, much like the human-mermaid hybrids in s3. i'm desperately trying to find it again to see if it's been completed; have you seen them around at all? thanks in advance if you have, if you haven't thank you anyway for your time!

I’m sorry, anon, I haven’t seen those! :( But I am publishing yr ask in the hopes that mayhaps one of my followers knows which skins you mean!

Do you have a selfsim?

a very outdated one at the back of my catalogue, yes!

the way you do hair previews are very aesthetically pleasing... also, u rock my socks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

aww, thank you anon!! the way i’ve been doing it recently is actually pretty delightfully lazy so i’m glad it looks ok too. :D

Hello Pooklet, do you have any tips for recolouring dark skintones so they could have cold undertones? I want to recolour a maxis match set but I never managed to make something decent.

Sure! I can try to help. :) I use Photoshop CS3 so any tips I can offer will be based on that program, but hopefully some of it is applicable regardless!

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Are you a girl? Sorry I'm just really confused I am not trying to be mean


In my sidebar it says “there’s also an FAQ, which you should check if you wanna ask me IRL stuff!” because I get this question a lot.

(Incidentally if there’s any issue with my layout that makes the sidebar hard to see or difficult to navigate, please let me know!)

edit: anon, I got your follow-up message but I need to think on my reply for a little while. In the interim I added a couple links to my FAQ that might help. I just wanted to let you know I’m not ignoring you!