hey, this is probably a really simple question, but i can't get any face templates to show up in-game. i have them in the right folder, and i know i have some downloaded, but the only ones that show up are ones that came with some sims. so i really don't know what's going on there; would you happen to have any idea? (you're way more experienced at this and my sims look like crap without any sort of template D: )

Hello anon!

When you say they don’t show up in game, do you mean in Create-A-Sim? And do they show up in Bodyshop?

I’m gonna go through the insultingly simple solutions first, sorry if these sound patronizing! /o\

  • If it’s that they don’t appear to be showing up in CAS, it might just be the thumbnails need to be refreshed. CTRL+Right Click on them to force the game to regenerate new ones. This would only be the solution, though, if clicking on the actual faces did show the correct templates on the sim and it was just the thumbnails that were messed up.
  • Alternately, are you sure you’re clicking on the right place in CAS (if the problem is in CAS)? Since you mentioned sims you downloaded, it sounded a little like maybe you were looking for the templates in the second tab, rather than the third, which is where they are.

OK now for the less insulting solutions. If they’re not working in CAS or BodyShop, try the following:

  • Remove your entire Downloads folder and load BodyShop, allowing it to generate a new Downloads folder. Now download any template set and put it into the new Downloads folder, and no other content or hacks. If you don’t use empty replacements for your cache (for cigen.package, look in the first link for the post by Aaroneous), then clear your cache. Do they show up now?
  • If they do, then there’s a conflict in your downloads somewhere, and you’ll need to 50/50 your content to find it. The Hack Conflict Detection Utility might also be of use.
  • If they don’t show up when nothing else is in, try a couple different sets. Still nothing? And the files are in the correct place? Then all that leaves is game borkage. Unfortunately, this will require a reinstall. :(

Hope something in there was helpful! Best of luck, anon.

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hello yes this is. prolly weird or creepy or w/e but ?? i'm so happy to find another simmer who's agender ?? i didn't. really think there were any of us but i've been out of the simblr loop too,,,, anyway yes hello i am applaudin u on ur gender apparently. good job w that gender (im so sorry im just really excited)


hello!! it’s not weird at all i always get excited when i find people in my fandoms/communities who are agender or non-binary in general because we are rare and majestic unicorns and we should ALL BE FRIENDS FOREVER.

I wanted to tell you thank you for having so much stuff for darker skintones (the community, even in 2014, still lacks a lot of stuff for darker sims). ♥


Thank you anon!! I’m super glad you find my stuff useful! Yeah, it is definitely frustrating how much content (especially older stuff) only works on very pale skintones. I’m always looking to make more stuff that’s either usable on a wide range of skintones or specifically made for dark skin so if there’s anything in particular that you think the world needs more of, let me know! I don’t take requests as a general rule but I am always 100% open to suggestions on content for sims of color.

have you played/seen infamous second son? (if you play/lijke other games) bc the main character is native american

My mom has that game!! :D I’ve played it some and I really like it, I’m just hilariously bad at platform games so I got frustrated and gave up for now after failing several missions in a row and not knowing how to redo them.

(Plus ma’s been playing it non-stop so it’s hard for anyone else to get near the controller …)

Man can I just say I’m super grateful that I have such nice anons that tell me about cool media featuring Native and/or trans characters. It’s really lovely. <3333

Are you also building a SPACE CAT?!

Tell no one, anon. The success of the mission depends on it.

What sims 2 projects (cc you're making, makeup, face stuff, recolors, etc.) are you working on right now?


Thank you for yr interest anon! :D I am working on a few different things, because I can never just do one thing at a time. I will include some pics under the cut!

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do you think your face templates will be done soon? not trying to rush you, sorry if this is rude, i just really want them and you havent said anything about them for a while


No worries, anon. You’re not being rude at all! Yes, they are done, tested, working fine! The only things holding them up were a) my frustration that I couldn’t find a solution to the apparently hard-coded game glitch of face distortion in offspring and b) IRL family emergency of the scary illness variety.

But things have settled somewhat so instead of ignoring anything even vaguely resembling responsibility (like actually releasing content that I promised months ago), I should have the post for the face templates up in the next few days!

five days later: i am STILL take preview pics, egads.

a while ago i saw a skin wip for s2 that had leg scales, much like the human-mermaid hybrids in s3. i'm desperately trying to find it again to see if it's been completed; have you seen them around at all? thanks in advance if you have, if you haven't thank you anyway for your time!

Really late replies pt. 2: awesome people who had answers for this anon!


I know where those half mermaid skins are!!! I actually had reset my password and logged in just so I could post this: the mermaid skin for all ages (including toddler) is at Insim and they’re made by Marvine :D I can’t post the link here, but Marvine has their own board in the forum so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

I believe this is the InSim section they mean! :D (And thank you telitelixoxo for going to the trouble of resetting yr password to help! Tha’s rly sweet of you!)


Augh, I know what they’re talking about, but now I can’t remember who was making them…it was either lilith, skell or…keoni??



I’m sorry, anon, I haven’t seen those! :( But I am publishing yr ask in the hopes that mayhaps one of my followers knows which skins you mean!

I think that it might be wip by Thesimtraveler here

I’m sorry if I missed anyone’s response!

-Where can I find a spouse for my heir?-Will you share your spare children? -If you use my babies, please tag me. :D


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