Since you want to be nosy, the reason that I told sundriedsims that her sim was inappropriate is because I asked two indigenous people: my girlfriend and her mother. They found it odd, offensive, and strange that a white girl would want to keep their sim indigenous. I spoke on their behalf. Next time mind your fucking business.


That’s cool. I was just speaking on my own behalf, as another indigenous person. We all have different comfort zones on stuff. Dialogue is important, because there’s no one universal “indigenous opinion.”

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Can I have a realistic skin?

I’m not really sure what you’re asking, anon! Are you making a request? For which game? Unfortunately I’m too unreliable and sluggish to be taking requests in good conscience. If you have a specific idea for a skin that you want (shade, style, any specific details like freckles, tattoos, flushed cheeks, high or minimal shine, unrealistically smooth skin or visible pores and texture), I would suggest going to the TS2 or TS3 request section on GoS or a similar forum!

Otherwise, I do make skins and I have some for TS2 in the works but I’m going to have to finish them in my own, nebulous time. Deadlines stress me out and turn creating into a chore.

really late replies pt. 1: anon asks
big ol' spider: hi there! i see you're making the bed! if it looks like i just crawled out from between your covers where i've been living in secret for god only knows how long, it's because that is totally exactly what happened. how's it going, roomie? you up for another sleepover tonight?
me: i need an adult
Do you have a selfsim?

a very outdated one at the back of my catalogue, yes!

i was tagged for a couple things!
the way you do hair previews are very aesthetically pleasing... also, u rock my socks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

aww, thank you anon!! the way i’ve been doing it recently is actually pretty delightfully lazy so i’m glad it looks ok too. :D

since ts3 sims are “puddings” colloquially, azaya and i have started calling ts2 sims “polygons”
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