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Are you a girl? Sorry I'm just really confused I am not trying to be mean


In my sidebar it says “there’s also an FAQ, which you should check if you wanna ask me IRL stuff!” because I get this question a lot.

(Incidentally if there’s any issue with my layout that makes the sidebar hard to see or difficult to navigate, please let me know!)

edit: anon, I got your follow-up message but I need to think on my reply for a little while. In the interim I added a couple links to my FAQ that might help. I just wanted to let you know I’m not ignoring you!

Isn’t there an option to turn on a grid/light up the part of the face you’re hovering over so you can see better? Maybe OP couldn’t find it or it isn’t in the demo?

From what I gathered from the post, finding it was the issue, because you have to hunt for the right place to click on the face to bring up the more detailed view (it sounds like the click area is kind of small or not where people would expect it to be). And then apparently once you do, the controls are still really limited and counter-intuitive.

Given that EA is in damage-control mode now it seems really silly that they wouldn’t release the full CAS for the demo. Buuut this is EA we’re talking about, so who knows!

So, my dear Pooklet, what did you think of the new Sailor Moon?


I FREAKING LOVED IT. LIKE, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT. Aside from maybe one or two microscopic nitpicks it was perfect in every way and more than I could have hoped for and I really feel like they’re going to do the manga justice this time, I FEEL IT IN MY BONES. And that matters a huge, huge amount to me because the manga was my first and forever love. I haven’t even watched all of the old anime, honestly, because the pointless plot deviations make me squirrely with rage. But back on track, did you notice that even some of the POSES were exactly the same as they were in the manga? Like when Naru’s talking about her family’s store having a sale, THAT’S EXACTLY HOW HER HANDS LOOKED IN THE MANGA. Oh, oh! And Usagi’s ultrasonic crying attack!! SO HAPPY THEY KEPT IT IN. I love that even when she’s just straight bawling she’s still kicking everyone’s ass in the process (and still way better at it than Mamoru; he’s so hilariously bad at everything, it’s great).

I’m totally over the moon (LOL PUN) about it. Waiting two weeks for each new episode is going to be agony.

what about the sims 1?

Thaaat’s a good question, anon! I don’t know. I haven’t played TS1 since TS2 came out, and I never really made content for it. I think the only thing I’ve ever even halfway made for TS1 was a little poster for Azaya when she was playing it more regularly a few years back, but even then all I did was the photoshopping, someone else did the actual make-it-work-in-the-game part.

But given that I tend to devotedly follow Azaya around when it comes to gaming interests (and most other things), if she cycles back around to playing TS1 I will more than likely follow suit, lol.

Is there a chance you'll make more cc for the sims 2?

Umm, yes! That’s pretty much all that I’ve been doing lately. Unless that was a mistype and you actually meant Sims 3, in which case the answer is still yes, just not right away because I’m slightly consumed with getting my TS2 neighborhood set up at the moment!

POOKLET! you like the treks? which is your favourite trek?


next trek!!

best trek

binned unnaturals it is!

Since a few people seemed interested. :D

Also, I’ve already started going back and either redoing my old sets (cuz they need a texture update anyway) or rebinning them. Also rebinned some of Azaya’s, too. So for the people who mentioned not wanting to bin old hairs, I’ve got you covered!

I’ll update my info section and such later right now I feel like making more hair, lol.

Apologies to anyone who hates this idea! If you would like recommendations for other people who do hair similarly to me but without weird binning, feel free to message me and I can provide some links!

it’s ok bb, we’re only human-shaped bags of star meat

azaya, reassuring me that to err is human(-shaped bag of star meat)